The Last of Us Part 1 and Robocop Rogue City receive AMD FSR 3 updates

New patches make The Last of Us and Robocop run smoother on PC with FSR 3 Frame Generation enabled

New updates for The Last of Us Part 1 and Robocop: Rogue City have been released, both of which improve each game’s support for AMD’s FSR 3 Frame Generation technology.

Thanks to these updates, both games now reportedly run more smoothly on PC when AMD’s Frame Generation technology is enabled. This makes both games both look and play better when this technology is utilised, which is great news for players.

Sadly, these updates have only upgrades The Last of Us and Robocop to an improved version of FSR 3.0. AMD are planning to improve the image quality of their FSR Super Resolution technology with their planned FSR 3.1 update. FSR 3.1 aims to reduce ghosting and increase the temporal stability of images. Both of these changes will greatly improve the image quality of games using FSR. The update will also decouple FSR 3 Frame Generation from its Super Resolution component, allowing it to be used with TAA, XeSS, or DLSS. Sadly, FSR 3.1 remains unreleased.

Both of these FSR 3 updates released in quick succession. It is likely that AMD is working with game developers to improve the FSR 3 support of existing games. FidelityFX Super Resolution is a vital technology for AMD, and they need it to have a strong perception amongst gamers. Updates like this will give AMD’s FSR  technology a stronger reputation. That said, it is remains behind Nvidia’s competing DLSS tech in many key areas.

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