Microsoft’s Hard Stance Against Vista Piracy

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According to an online source, Microsoft is intending to take an even harder stance against software piracy, especially when it comes to the impending release of Windows Vista.

Thomas Lindeman, Microsoft senior product manager has said that people running an unlicensed copy of Vista that it (Microsoft) believes is pirated will initially be denied access to some of the most anticipated features of the operating system. That includes Windows Aero, an improved graphics technology. If a legitimate copy is not bought within 30 days, the system will curtail functionality much further by restricting users to just the Web browser for an hour at a time.

 Lindeman further went on to say that Microsoft won’t stop a computer running pirated Vista software from working completely, and it will still continue to deliver critical security updates. Analyst Roger Kay with Endpoint Technologies Associates said Microsoft has a right to curtail illegal distribution of its software. The new piracy measures, he said, “seem harsh only in comparison to how lenient it has been.” Business users have also been targetted in Microsoft’s anti-piracy approach, particularly those who purchase volume licenses.

The Author of the article also suggested that there will more than likely be a user backlash against Vista, and that many users will prefer to stick with Window’s XP instead.

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