Mozilla Firefox now supports Nvidia’s RTX Video AI enhancement tech

RTX Video is now available on Firefox

RTX Video, Nvidia’s video upscaling technology, is now available on Mozilla’s Firefox browser. Previously, Nvidia’s AI video enhancement tech was only available on Chromium-based browsers like Edge and Chrome, but now that has changed.

For the uninitiated, RTX Video is basically DLSS for video content. Nvidia uses AI to boost the quality of video content to enhance details and remove artifacts. Over time, Nvidia has boosted RTX Video’s quality with update 1.5, and by enabling HDR enhancements with RTX Video HDR.

With Firefox browser support, Nvidia’s RTX Video feature is now available to a much larger number of internet users. This is great news for anyone who wants to boost the quality of their streamed video, or enjoy the benefits of HDR on non-HDR media.

Streaming services are becoming increasingly expensive. One neat aspect of Nvidia’s AI Video features is that they can allow GeForce users to get a better experience with lower resolution, non-HDR content plans. Yes, native HDR/4K content is better, but AI can make lower resolution SDR content a lot better.

Alongside FireFox and other browsers, Nvidia’s RTX Video tech is supported by VLC media player. This allows RTX GPU users to watch streamed or saved videos at higher quality levels than before. Below you can see an example of how RTX Video can enhance the quality of streamed video, and how version 1.5 further boosted image quality.

I want RTX Video on a Shield TV-like product, not just Firefox

Nvidia are working hard to make AI a must-have technology for all PC owners, whether they are gaming, creating content, or simply streaming video. With their updates to Video Super Resolution, Nvidia has given anyone who watches content on YouTube, Twitch, Netflix, and any other streaming service a reason to own a Nvidia GPU. RTX Video created Nvidia’s DLSS moment for video streaming, and Intel and AMD need to implement their own competing features.

If I am honest, Nvidia’s AI Video Super Resolution technology makes me want to see a new Shield TV. An Android TV solution with this technology built-in would be a great addition to any home entertainment setup. Nvidia would be foolish not to take advantage of demand for such a product, especially given how popular their other Shield TV units are (despite their age).

You can join the discussion on Nvidia’s RTX Video feature coming to FireFox on the OC3D Forums.

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