Nintendo’s New Wii Console Attempts To Block Modchips

News Posted 27/03/07
Author: PV5150
Source: DigiTimes

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According to our online source, Nintendo is apparently getting edgey about the proliferation of modification chips available for their Wii console. In order to combat the trend, Nintendo is releasing a revised console with an altered the circuit layout to block the increasing use of modchips. However, retail channels in Taiwan are reporting that the next generation modchips are capable of working with the revised Wii consoles and may become available in less than a month.

The new Wiis, which are part of new shipments of the console, have an altered circuit layout that makes modification more difficult than in earlier versions. Users attempting to mod the new consoles using current modchips are very likely to damage the system, the sources pointed out.

In view of past instances where Nintendo and other games console makers including Microsoft and Sony have revised the circuitry of their consoles in attempts to to disable modchips, it is a logical expectation that a more advanced modchip specifically for the new Wii revision will be available in less than a month, the sources indicated.

Some providers of Wii modification services in Taiwan think Nintendo could adopt BGA (ball grid array) IC packaging to prolong the time needed by hackers to develop new modchips to at least four months. The longer waiting time would likely reduce the willingness of some users to modify the consoles…

Are Nintendo fighting a losing battle?

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