Nixxes are “waiting for FSR 3.1” for Horizon: Forbidden West

Nixxes explains why AMD’s FSR 3 Frame Generation tech isn’t available in Horizon: Forbidden West

Horizon: Forbidden West has been available on PC for a few weeks now, and we are still waiting for the game’s promised FSR 3 Frame Generation update. Now, Nixxes has officially commented on the matter, stating that they are waiting for AMD’s FSR 3.1 update. Simply put, Nixxes doesn’t want to integrate FSR 3.0 to then upgrade to FSR 3.1 a little later.

At launch, Horizon Forbidden West released with Nvidia’s DLSS 3.5 technology. This give gamers with compatible Nvidia RTX users access to both DLSS Super Resolution and Frame Generation. For AMD users the game supports FSR 2.2, a fairly old version of AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution technology.

When speaking with PC Gamer, Nixxes’ Michiel Roza had this to day about their FSR 3 integration plans.

The short version is, we’re sort of waiting for FSR 3.1. We wanted the latest and greatest before integrating it.

Why are Nixxes waiting for FSR 3.1

AMD’s FSR 3.1 update is a big deal for AMD users. It promises gamers a huge leap in image quality over FSR 3, and adds some neat new features that should please non-AMD users. Vulkan API and Xbox Game Development Kit (GDK) support has also been promised, which is a big deal for game developers.

The main benefits of FSR 3.1 are its improved temporal stability and decreased ghosting. The image below showcases FSR 3.1’s reduced ghosting in action. AMD has promised reduced flickering, less shimmering, and less “fizziness” around objects.

With FSR 3.1, AMD has also decoupled Frame Generation from FSR 3 Super Resolution. This allows non-AMD users to combine FSR Frame Generation with DLSS, XeSS, or other upscaling solutions. With this change, AMD hopes to get FSR 3.1 integrated into more games.

Another major change is the introduction of the FidelityFX API, which should make it easier for developers to update their games with the latest versions of FSR.

Simply put, Nixxes is waiting for FSR 3.1 because FSR 3.1 is much better than FSR 3.0. If the studio updates to FSR 3, they will add Frame Generation to the game. If they wait for FSR 3.1, they will deliver gamers a major image quality boost and support for FSR Frame Generation with DLSS, XeSS, and more. That’s an update that’s worth waiting for, and we hope that AMD can officially launch FSR 3.1 soon.

You can join the discussion on Nixxes’ plans to bring FSR 3.1 to Horizon: Forbidden West on the OC3D Forums.

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