Nixxes confirms Horizon Forbidden West controller FPS bug

Low framerates in Horizon Forbidden West on PC? It may be your controller

Horizon: Forbidden West is now available on PC, and users of Sony’s DualSense gamepad are having issues. Specifically, those who use this gamepad wirelessly are running into framerate issues.

Nixxes are currently working on a fix for this issue, but for now PC gamers have a workaround. DualSense users can plug their gamepads into their PCs, or enable Steam input to get the game to run as intended. Alternatively, PC games can use the game’s mouse/keyboard controls, or use another gamepad. We have also heard reports that turning down the audio on you DualSense to 0% can address this issue.

Below is what Nixxes has to say about Horizon: Forbidden West’s DualSense controller bug.

Performance issues when using a DualSense controller wirelessly

We are aware of reports of performance issues when using a DualSense controller wirelessly. While we work on a fix, as a workaround, you can plug the controller in. If you want to keep using the controller wirelessly, try enabling Steam Input.

What’s strange about this bug is that Forbidden West is a Sony game. The game is listed on Steam with “full support for [Sony’s] DualSense controller”. It is strange that this bug was able to get past Nixxes’ QA. Perhaps they only used the game with wired DualSense controllers, as DualSense controllers need to be wired to a PC to access their full feature set (Yes, Sony have never addressed this oddity on PC).

You can join the discussion on Horizon: Forbidden West’s DualSense controller issues on PC on the OC3D Forums.

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