OCCT’s celebrating its 20-year “Stableversary” with a huge giveaway

OCCT's celebrating its 20-year

OCCT has just turned 20, and you can celebrate by joining the tool’s “Stableversary” giveaway

OCCT, the popular CPU and GPU stability testing tool, has just turned 20, and to celebrate the PC hardware industry has come together to create a massive $10,000 product giveaway. This giveaway includes products from Origin PC, Corsair, NZXT, Cooler Master, KFA2, AZERTY, and more, and PC enthusiasts can join the giveaway here. 

Since its launch, OCCT has been downloaded over 34 million times and has grown from being a hobby project to a full-time job. In 2021, Adrien Mercier, the creator of OCCT, made OCCT his full-time job, and has updated the tool from version 5 to version 12 in the years since. Mercier now generates an income from OCCT through Patreon and product licensing.

With version 12 of OCCT, Mercier has made some major changes to his application, removing a lot of the app’s dependencies while laying down a lot of the groundwork that will eventually lead to Linux compatibility. Below is a list of OCCT 12’s changes.

– Rewrote 70% of the application – switched to net core. UI will feel much more reactive, will use less CPU, at the cost of some memory usage
– Removed a lot of dependencies – OCCT has never been THAT portable
– Added the ability to launch an external program to OCCT through the Monitoring Only test
– Halfway there for Linux compatibility
– Introducing a brand new UI with lots of features. The most prominent is the top-level monitoring bar that is slated to improve a lot over time !
– Updated monitoring engine
– You can now more easily filter monitoring values. Use the right click to do so !
– Graphs can be clicked to pinpoint values accurately. Give it a shot
– Introducing GPU, System, and System (no 3D) stability certificates
– Added report comparison feature – contact us for more detail
– The translation system will be released in an upcoming version of OCCT – this is English only for the time being. Sorry for that delay – it definitely needs some more time

OCCT's celebrating its 20-year

OCCT is an incredible tool, and at OC3D we utilise OCCT frequently when testing CPUs, heatsinks, and graphics cards. By creating and maintaining OCCT, Adrien Mercier has provided a great service to the PC industry, and for that he has our thanks. Long live OCCT.

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