OpenVI ceases development of their “Liberty City in GTA V” mod

OpenVI ceases development of their

OpenVI’s “Liberty City in GTA V” mod will never be released to the public 

OpenVI is now back online and in active development after a tricky month of negotiations with Rockstar, which started after the modding group received a cease and desist order from Take-Two Interactive (Owner of Rockstar). Since then Rockstar has released an official statement that expresses support for modding GTA V, but only in the game’s single player component.    

Rockstar has also expressed that mods must not infringe on the IP rights of others, which is a huge problem for a mod like “Liberty City in GTA V”, which brings a whole map from a different game into GTA V. 

Continuing the development of their Liberty City Mod would place the OpenVI team in a legal grey area with Rockstar, making it unwise to finish development and release the mod to PC gamers. 

The development of OpenIV will be continued as before. OpenIV never supported GTA Online modding and will not support it in the future. Our work will be continued within the Rockstar modding policy,

Unfortunately, our highly anticipated mod ‘Liberty City in GTA V’ will not be released because it clearly contradicts with Rockstar modding policy. Liberty City mod is a big loss for us, since it was a huge part of our motivation to push OpenIV functionality.

we are currently revising our plans for the future.


Sadly the loss of the team’s Liberty City mod will have an impact on OpenVI, as this mod has prompted the team to expand the capabilities of their modding tools to enable such a huge project. This source of inspiration is now gone, which will no doubt influence the team’s future development plans. 


OpenVI ceases development of their   

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