Perfect Dark has been decompiled and ported to PC with 60 FPS support

N64 Enthusiasts have decompiled and ported Perfect Dark to PC

Rare’s Perfect Dark is a classic, and now the game’s original N64 version is available to play on PC natively. Yes! Perfect Dark now has a native PC version, and it supports 60 FPS, field of view options, and widescreen resolution support. The decompilation of Perfect Dark’s original N64 version is what makes this possible.

Now that Perfect Dark has been decompiled, developers can now freely modify the Nintendo 64 classic and bring it to new platforms. The possibilities here are endless. Developers can update the game with better models and textures. Perfect Dark may receive a fully path-traced renderer. Fans of the series could also add new levels to the game, expanding the N64 original.

The best thing about this new PC port of Perfect Dark is that it is entirely legal. Reverse engineering is legal, and no company has successfully taken down a PC port of a decompiled game on Github. That said, gamers need to have their own game ROMs to create and play these native PC ports. The Github repositories of the N64-to-PC ports provide gamers with the tools to turn N64 ROMs into native PC versions, not the PC versions themselves. This gives companies like Nintendo no legal grounds to take down these Github repositories.

This is not the first Nintendo classic to be decompiled and ported to PC. Super Mario 64 is the most famous example of this. Other popular N64 decomiliations include The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time, Super Paper Mario, and WipeOut.

You can learn more about Perfect Dark’s decompilation on Github.

You can join the discussion on this unofficial Perfect Dark PC port on the OC3D Forums.

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