PS3 Details

Hexus have the gen on Sony’s press conference:


  • The November Launch will be Worldwide.
  • Confirmation that the launch delay is due to wrangles over copy protection in the Blu-Ray format.
  • Major PSP update this spring, full videophone capbility with Eyetoy addon and VOIP coming in the Autumn, GPS addon will also be avilable, next version of the PSP web browser to support flash. PS1 Emulator for the PSP mentioned, with games being available as a low price download.
  • Free online service available from launch
  • PS3 to ship with upgradable 60GB HDD
  • Capable of running Linux
  • Full backwards compatible with PS2 and PS1, and will upscale them to HDTV as well
  • 1 Million units to be shipped per month, with 6 Million being shipped by year end
  • Final Hardware in June, indicating 4 Million units available at launch

Sound ok but will they suffer from the delayed launch and supply problems like the 360?