PUBG patch 29.1 adds destructible terrain to the game

Destructible Terrain has arrived in PUBG Battlegrounds, and it isn’t as awesome as we expected

PUBG Battlegrounds’ update 29.1 has arrived, and it has added Destructible Terrain to the game’s massive Rondo map. Now, players can use explosions or the game’s new pickaxe melee weapon to dig holes or trenches in-game. This adds new strategic elements to PUBG, but its far from the full destructible environments that are on the game’s roadmap.

Unfortunately, PUBG Battlegrounds players will not be destroying buildings or punching holes in walls with update 29.1. That said, a lot will change within the free-to-play Battle Royale game before the end of 2024.

This year, Krafton plans to transition PUBG to Unreal Engine 5. The studio also plans to strengthen the game’s anti-cheating measures. More environmental destructibility will be added to the game, which should allow players to destroy sections of buildings, create defensive barriers, and develop new avenues of attack.

Update 29.1 has also added new balance adjustments and changes have been made to the game’s SCAR-L, AKM, Panzerfaust, and Mk12 weapons. This update also claims to boost PUBG’s performance in areas where multiple players are gathered. This should allow players to enjoy smoother framerates in crowded areas, which is great news for all players.

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