Sabrent teases colossal 128TB SSD Storage Solution, the Apex X16 Destroyer

Sabrent’s testing an insane 128TB SSD storage solution called the Apex X16 Destroyer

Sabrent have just revealed a GPU-sized SSD storage array that they are calling the Apex X16 Destroyer. This PCIe storage card has sixteen 2280 M.2 slots, which gives the card up to 128GB of storage capacity when using 8TB M.2 SSDs. Sabrent have loaded up this storage card with sixteen of their Rocket 4 Plus 8TB SSDs, giving users of this add-on card a huge amount of SSD storage and an insane amount of SSD throughout.

The Apex X16 Destroyer is currently in testing over at Sabrent’s labs. This storage solution takes up one PCIe slot, which means that users should be able to fit several of these cards onto compatible systems alongside a large graphics card. Users will need an AMD Threadripper system or a Intel Xeon Sapphire-Rapids based system to power a setup like this. Normal consumer-grade CPUs and motherboards will be limited by their PCIe lane counts.

Previously, Sabrent has created a high-speed 64TB SSD storage solution called their RocketQ Battleship. This SSD storage solution used eight 8TB Rocket Q M.2 SSDs to create an ultra-fast SSD storage array. With sixteen of their faster Rocket 4 Plus SSDs, this new storage solution offers more storage and more per-drive SSD performance.

Will the Apex X16 Destroyer become a retail product?

At this time it is unknown what the maximum performance levels of Sabrent’s insane SSD storage solution is. It is also unknown if Sabrent will release their new 128TB Apex X16 Destroyer SSD as an official product.

This monstrous SSD may be on the ugly side, but we love how it pushes the limits of SSD storage. What other company would even think of creating such a glorious monster? Keep those crazy ideas flowing, Sabrent; we love to see them.

You can join the discussion  on Sabrent’s 128TB Apex X16 Destroyer SSD storage solution on the OC3D Forums.

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