Sea of Thieves is designed to run on “Potato” systems

Sea of Thieves is designed to run on

Sea of Thieves is designed to run on “Potato” systems 

Rare Games’ Sea of Thieves will be entering its Closed Beta phase on January 24th, giving those who pre-order the title or were part of the game’s Insider Programme before December 1s, 2017. This beta is available as an Xbox Play Anywhere experience, offering playability on Xbox One and PC with both cross-platform play and cross-platform saves/player accounts. 

     As we head into Closed Beta, our next step is to fully enable Xbox Play Anywhere. We’re delighted to announce that starting in Closed Beta on January 24th, you can jump between any device and continue your journey to becoming a pirate legend, whether that’s on a Windows 10 PC, Windows 10 laptop, Xbox One, Xbox One S or Xbox One X. And with cross play, you’ll always have a friend to sail with, regardless of where they play.  


Rare wants Sea of Thieves to be accessible to everyone, especially on PC, offering game resolutions that scale down to 540p (4x fewer pixels than 1080p) and graphical settings the scale down to an ultra-low “Cursed” settings to allow this game to play well on “potato” systems.

These ultra-low graphical settings should let Sea of Thieves playable on systems with integrated graphics solutions, though at this time Rare has not released any PC system requirements for the title. Rare wants to receive feedback during the game’s beta to help optimise the title for its official release on March 20th. 

      We’d also like to use this as an opportunity to ask YOU to help us make the PC experience even better for launch. For example, do you have an old gaming PC, or does a relative have a shiny new laptop with only an iGPU? Jump into the Sea of Thieves Closed Beta on these devices and let us know in the Forums how you get on! Our Video Settings go all the way down to 540p, and our Graphics Settings go all the way down to “Cursed” (yes, we may have taken some creative licence here!), but we really do want to know how you get on as our rendering team’s ambition is “to get Sea of Thieves running on a potato” – whatever that means! 


As a Windows/Xbox Play Anywhere title, Sea of Thieves will be available on both Xbox One and Windows 10-based PCs simultaneously, though this means that the game will be exclusive to the Windows 10 Store on PC, at least at launch. 

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