Second Sniper Unlock Revealed (Day 3)

Second Sniper Unlock Revealed (Day 3)RazorBack
Growing ever closer, Valve has revealed the second unlock for the Sniper class update. The Sniper has always had two main rivals, other snipers and the spy. Against other snipers you could outwit and outplay your opponent, however, the spy is a different matter entirely. Aiming up for a headshot only to be stabbed in the back by a spy before pulling the trigger on occasions would be enough to make you cry. Now it’s time to get your own back.
The “Razorback” is a beautiful hand-carved tribal shield, but no mere shield could lay rest to the backstabbing skills of the spy. Desperate measures were called for. A car battery capable of supplying 10,000 volts has been taped to the front. Sure it may not be the prettiest invention ever, but boy does it work well. Should a spy attempt to backstab you whilst you sport the shield, he will get a rather unwelcome surprise in the form of an electric shock. If you haven’t killed him already, luckily for you he cannot try to stab you again until his knife has cooled down. The bad news is, after a single stab the Razorback will protect you no longer. Instead it will collapse into millions of tiny fragments leaving you open once again to the attacks of the sneaky little beggars.
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