Secondary School in UK to Test Sony’s PSP as Academic Tool

News Posted 03/04/07
Author: PV5150
Source: DailyTech

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According to our source, faculty and administration at Holyhead Secondary School in Handsworth, Birmingham, were given two weeks of training in the use of the Sony PSP. The intented action is to see if the PSP would serve students adequately as an educational tool.

According to the Daily Mail , the hand-held device is able to store educational videos, audio clips, notes, and images, as well as carry electronic textbooks. Teachers and other staff members believe the gaming system has a lot of potential in the education of children, mainly by keeping their attention and motivating them to study.

Lorna Diprose, one of the school staff members, said, “The console is just like a minicomputer but fast and you can use it to tailor-make lessons for pupils who need support or stretching. Some people think it is an exclusively a gaming machine and don’t realize all the things it can do. It can access the Internet and process information.”

Can the PSP compliment traditional education practices?

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