Sega Confirms New Title for Aliens versus Predators

Sega Confirms New Title for Alien versus Predator
The next episode of the highly popular Alien versus Predator game is already under development and fans can look forward to checking it out in early 2010. Publisher Sega has confirmed the new game in addition to saying that it is being worked on by Rebellion, the original AVP developer.
Just like in the movie, the game also has three factions – Predators, Aliens and Marines. Among these, the marines will naturally be the weakest faction. They are just bystanders to the war between the fast, mobile and stealthy aliens and the totally invisible and powerfully equipped predators. The setting is again similar to the Alien versus Predator movie, set inside a massive pyramid unearthed by miners.
Following on the same lines as earlier AVP games, the new episode will also feature three different campaigns, one each for the three factions. While the entire game will revolve around a central story, each faction will have its own mood and gameplay mechanics. The game will also reportedly come with multiple online modes for players to explore.
The new AVP title is not the only Alien-based game being currently developed by Sega – the publisher also has Obsidian’s yet to be named RPG and Aliens: Colonial Marines for Gearbox under development.
That is just about all the information that Sega has currently provided for this highly expected title. The only confirmed fact is that a new AVP title exists and is in the very early stages of development.
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