Some FFXIII Details

Some FFXIII Details

A few days ago, video game site Kikizo had the opportunity to have a chat with Square Enix Corporate Director Shinji Hashimoto and Final Fantasy series Producer Yoshinori Kitase.  The subject of conversation?  Final Fantasy XIII of course.  In this interview, the two gave some details about the game’s development as well as the game itself.

FFXIII will be featuring the first female lead character of the Final Fantasy series, Lightning, a name that Kitase revealed as to being not so surprisingly fake.  Due to FFX being a more fantasy-based game, FFXIII will be treading more along the sci-fi route.  While the pair wouldn’t reveal too much about the main gameplay, they did say it would retain the same travel/encounter system seen in the preceding FFXII game, in that avatars for the enemies will be roaming the map for the player to charge at or avoid as they please.

FFXIII is the first Final Fantasy game to hit the PS3.  The developers are very happy with its hardware capabilities, as it is powerful enough to render their CG in real-time, giving them more freedom in providing the truly breathtaking graphics Square is known for in not only the cinematics, but the game itself as well.

The thirteenth installment in the saga is also the first Final Fantasy game to make an appearance on Sony’s current main console competitor, Microsoft’s Xbox 360.  Kitase reveals that work has not yet started on this version of the game yet.  The team wishes to complete the development of the PS3 version before making the port.  The point of this is so that they can have the mechanics down on the PS3 and then concentrate fully on optimizing it for the 360.  That way, Xbox 360 users will be able to enjoy the game with no loss in the quality or experience.

Final Fantasy XIII is set to arrive on both consoles some time next year.

The full interview can be found here

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