Squadron 42 ‘Beta’ to release in Q2 2020 says roadmap

Squadron 42 'Beta' to release in Q2 2020 says roadmap

Squadron 42 ‘Beta’ to release in Q2 2020 says roadmap

Robert Space Industries (RSI) has released a detailed development roadmap for Squadron 42, a standalone game that was originally pegged to be Star Citizen’s singleplayer component. 

A lot of time has passed since Star Citizen and Squadron 42 were first announced on Kickstarter, but now the end appears to be in sight, or at least the beginnings of the end, as RSI has released a detailed development roadmap both games. 

Now, RSI intends to bring Squadron 42 into beta in Q2 2020, where the game will enter its final polishing and bug fixing stages before release, suggesting a release date in late 2020. While this is a far cry from Star Citizen’s original release date in 2014, the game scope has been extended beyond what any of the game’s Kickstarter backers could have imagined. Meanwhile, the Star Citizen MMO has no firm release timeframe. 

So what does this roadmap tell us? It tells us a lot of things, the first being that Squadron 42 will be made up of 28 chapters, though the developers stress that chapters does not mean “missions”, instead representing breaks in the story/script. The development team also stresses that their roadmap represents estimates for how long the game will take to complete, which means that the game could take longer than expected to develop. 

With this roadmap RSI leaves us with the expectation that Squadron 42 will release in late 2020, assuming that everything goes to plan that the game doesn’t hit any more development roadblocks. 

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