STALKER 2 studio threatened by alleged Russian hackers

STALKER 2 studio threatened by alleged Russian hackers

GSC Game World has been threatened by an alleged Russian group following hack

GSC Game World, a Ukrainian game developer, has claimed that one of their employee’s accounts have been hacked and that the studio has been threatened with blackmail. 

It has been claimed that this hack comes from a community from a “Russian social network”, and that the group has tens of gigabytes of data about STALKER 2, an upcoming game from GSC Game World. 

GSC Game World has claimed that the studio has been enduring “constant cyberattacks” for the past year, and threats of blackmail, aggression, and other efforts that could damage STALKER 2’s development, and the global STALKER community. The people responsible for these threats are pro-Russian hacking communities who seek to harm GSC Game World, one of Ukraine’s best known game developers.

To combat the blackmail from these hackers, GSC Game World has urged their fans to refrain from watching, reading or distributing leaked game materials. The studio has noted that any leaked materials will be out of date and will not reflect STALKER 2 in its current or final state.

The hacking group that are currently threatening GSC Game World has demanded that the company shift their political messaging with regards to Belarus and Russia, and “apologize for the unworthy attitude towards ordinary players from these countries”. Additionally, the hackers have also demanded that GSC Game World re-integrated Russian Language localisation into STALKER 2. If these demands are not met, the group has threatened that they will release STALKER 2’s “full story, cutscenes, concept art, and global maps.” Should hackers release their stolen information on STALKER 2, we will not be reporting on it on this website.  

STALKER 2 is due to release sometime in 2023 and launch on PC and Xbox Series X/S as a timed exclusive.

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STALKER 2 studio threatened by alleged Russian hackers