Star Citizen now has updated PC system requirements

Cloud Imperium Games updates their PC system requirements for Star Citizen

The alpha version of Star Citizen has received an updated set of system requirements from Could Imperium Games. These updated specs let PC gamers know what kind of hardware they need to play the latest versions of Star Citizen’s pre-release alpha.

Right now, the game supports Vulkan 1.2 compatible graphics cards with 4GB of VRAM or more. This is a low system requirement by today’s standards, with Cloud Imperium Games listing Nvidia’s GTX 1060, Intel’s A380, and AMD’s RX 460 as examples of minimum spec graphics cards. Even Intel’s UHD Graphics 730 integrated GPUs can run the alpha.

These new system requirements for Star Citizen lists 100+ GB of SSD storage as a must. This massive space-RPG is expected to be storage-heavy, as can be seen in the game’s late 2023 StarEngine tech demo. Cloud Imperium Games are currently working on a new “Gen 12 Renderer” that will make their games “more performant”. The new renderer will also help transition the engine to the Vulkan API. This explains why Vulkan 1.2 support is a system requirement for Star Citizen.

Star Citizen’s other system requirements

Alongside their official system requirements tables, Cloud Imperium Games have provided the following information about Star Citizen’s PC version.

  • Star Citizen is not available for macOS or Linux.
  • Star Citizen requires a computer with the ability to run AVX instructions, which is noted above under the CPU requirements.
  • Star Citizen requires a GPU with at least 4GB VRAM and a driver with support for Vulkan 1.2.
  • Graphics drivers must be updated to the latest versions to ensure the best support.

Overall, Star Citizen’s new PC system requirements are not overly high. Yes, the game’s 32GB system memory recommendation is higher than most modern games, but it does run on 16GB systems. Beyond that, 32GB systems are becoming increasingly common for DDR5-powered gaming PCs.

You can join the discussion on Star Citizen’s updated PC system requirements on the OC3D Forums.

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