Starfield problems – Intel’s ARC GPUs are struggling to play Bethesda’s newest RPG

Starfield problems - Intel's ARC GPUs are struggling to play Bethesda's newest RPG

Intel’s ARC GPUs have issues running Starfield, but a fix should arrive before the game’s general release next week

Starfield is now available to play though the game’s Premium Edition Early Access period, and users of Intel ARC series GPUs have not been having a good experience with the game so far. 

We have heard reports of the game failing to launch, taking a very long time to launch, or crashing within minutes of launching. In short, Starfield does not play nicely with Intel’s ARC graphics cards, but the good news is that Intel are already working on fixes for the game. 

Sadly, Intel’s planned fix has no ETA, though the company says that the fix should be available for Starfield’s general release on September 6th. That means that Premium Edition purchasers with Intel ARC GPUs will not be able to enjoy Starfield’s early access period, which will be hugely disappointing for affected ARC GPU users.

Both AMD and Nvidia have already released optimised GPU drivers for Starfield, with Intel being the only GPU manufacturer to currently lack a game-optimised driver for the game. When Starfield officially launches on September 6th, Intel should be ready with an optimised driver for the game, but for now, Intel ARC GPU users should avoid Starfield. 

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