Tetris Effect VR, an Epic Games Store exclusive, requires SteamVR to run

Tetris Effect VR, an Epic Games Store exclusive, requires SteamVR to run

Tetris Effect VR, an Epic Games Store exclusive, requires SteamVR to run

– Update – Enhance, the developer behind Tetris Effect, has confirmed that SteamVR isn’t required to run Tetris Effect on Oculus’ Rift series headsets. For Oculus VR headsets Tetris Effect runs using the Oculus SDK. 

Last night, an extremely misleading news story started to make the rounds online, sporting the headline “Despite being an Epic Games Store exclusive, Tetris Effect requires Steam in order to run”, misrepresenting the facts surrounding the Epic Games Store latest exclusive Tetris Effect. 

The truth behind this story is not that the game requires Steam to run. While this is a hilarious prospect, given the game’s Epic Games Store exclusivity, only Tetris Effect’s VR mode requires SteamVR to operate. Yes, the easiest way to install SteamVR is using Steam, but this software is only necessary to play the game using the game with a VR headset. To be clear, the standard, non-VR, version of Tetris Effect doesn’t require Steam VR to run. 
Epic Games did eventually get in touch with DSO Gaming to clear things up, releasing the following statement to the publication. They confirmed that Tetris Effect does not require Steam to run in its standard 2D mode, but stressed that the game only uses SteamVR in VR mode. DSO Gaming then altered their article and headline to present more accurate information. 


     I hope that you’re doing well. I came across your article on Tetris Effect VR and I wanted to share the correct relevant information with you so that your readers are correctly informed.

Tetris Effect itself does not require steam to run. However, Tetris Effect VR does require SteamVR, both on HTC Vive and Oculus. You can find full details on the Tetris Effect’s Epic Game store FAQ.

SteamVR is currently the most popular API for VR gaming on PC, which makes things difficult for any storefront that wants to compete with Valve within the world of VR gaming. Yes, Oculus has its own dedicated APIs for their Oculus Rift headset, but SteamVR remains dominant. 

Today, the easiest way to install SteamVR is by using Steam. This factor will make it difficult for any storefront to truly challenge Valve within the PC gaming market, especially if VR grows in popularity. 

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