The Day Before launches on PC with “Overwhelmingly Negative” reviews

The Day Before isn’t an MMO, and it isn’t a good game either

Earlier today, The Day Before launched on PC through Steam’s Early Access program, and while the game has reached a concurrent player count of over 38,000, early reviews for the game are “Overwhelmingly Negative”.

A lot of gamers were excited about Fntastic’s shooter. For a time the game was one of the most wishlisted games on Steam, a feat that game the game a lot of attention. The Day Before promised to be an MMO survival game set in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. Players would be placed in a post-pandemic America that’s filled with flesh-eating zombies. In the game, players would need to battle infected and each other to survive.

While the game has generated a lot of hype, a lot of that hype dies off once gameplay was released. The Day Before’s early access version has proved to be a disappointing to most gamers. Most early reviews are negative, with many commenting that that game is not the Open World MMO that was promised. Players are describing The Day Before as an extraction shooter (like Escape From Tarkov), not an open world survival game. That said, some players have left positive reviews, stating that the game has potential.

So far, PC gamers are complaining about networking issues, stuttering, crashes, and bugs. With this in mind, we cannot recommend that anyone plays this game in its current state. If the game improves, perhaps it will be worth a look. Right now, the game appears to be one that is best avoided.

Like all Early Access games, there is a chance that Fntastic will improve their game to create what the studio originally promised.

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