The Humble Extra Life Bundle is now live

The Humble Extra Life Bundle is now live

The Humble Extra Life Bundle is now live

The Humble Extra Life Bundle is now live, offering purchasers the opportunity to play PC gamers like Gaucamelee, Majesty Gold or Rain World for bargain prices and give buyers access to a lot of recourses for Pathfinder, the tabletop RPG.  

Fans of Tabletop role-playing games will be able to access a large number of digital resources for Pathfinder, which includes the game’s Digital Beginner Box, its Core Rulebook, the Player Character Folio, the Society Roleplaying Guide and Society Pregenerated Characters, and the Bonus Bestiary, giving RPG fans a great chance to start their first tabletop campaign. 

Below we have included a list of what is available in each bundle tier, with each their being priced between $1 and $15. 

Pay $1

– Majesty Gold HD
– PAC-MAN Championship Edition 2
– Majesty 2
– Pathfinder Online Early Enrollment (30-day)
– Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Digital Beginners Box
– Pathfinder Core Rulebook
– Pathfinder Player Character Folio
– Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guide
– Pathfinder Society Pregenerated Characters
– Pathfinder RPG Bonus Bestiary

Pay more than average $5.62 (average, changes over time)

– Leviathan: Warships
– Kingsway
– Guacamelee!
– Pathfinder GameMastery Guide
– Pathfinder Advanced Player’s Guide
– Pathfinder Bestiary
– Pathfinder Strategy Guide
– Pathfinder Society Season 6 23-Adventure-Super-Pack
– Pathfinder Ultimate Equipment

Pay $15

– Rain World
– Pathfinder Society Season 7: 29-Adventure-Super-Pack
– Pathfinder Inner Sea World Guide
– Pathfinder Inner Sea Poster Folio
– Pathfinder Chronicles: Rise of the Runelords Map Folio
– Pathfinder Chronicles: Kingmaker Poster Map Folio
– Pathfinder Campaign Settings: Skull and Shackles Poster Map Folio

The Humble Extra Life Bundle is now live


You can learn more about the Humble Extra Life Bundle on the Humble store.

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