The Humble Paradox Interactive 2019 Bundle is Live

The Humble Paradox Interactive 2019 Bundle is Live

The Humble Paradox Interactive 2019 Bundle is Live

Humble has released their Paradox Interactive 2019 bundle, delivering a range of up to seven PC strategy games, and many of their expansions, at bargain prices. All of these games can be redeemed on Steam, with every game on the list featuring a “Very Positive” user rating on the platform. Many of the titles in this bundle are available to play on PC, Mac and Linux.   

Like most Humble Bundles, revenue raised will be shared between developers, Humble themselves and a charity, with “Charity: Water” being selected as the chosen charity for the Humble Paradox Interactive 2019 Bundle. By default, only 15% of the revenue raised will go to charity, with 20% going to Humble and 65% going to the developers of the bundle’s included games. These numbers can be changed by users, allowing all the money raised from user donations to got to charity if they wish. 

Those who purchase this bundle can also choose to give money to a different charity if they wish, with hundreds of options to choose from. 

Pay $1

– Age of Wonders II
– Darkest Hour: A Hearts of Iron Game
– Magicka 2
– Crusader Kings II

Pay More Than Average ($6.55 at the time of writing)

– Age of Wonders III
– Crusaders Kings II: The Old Gods (Expansion)
– Europa Universalis IV

Pay $12

– Steel Division: Normandy 44
– Age of Wonders III – Deluxe Edition DLC
– Magicka 2 Deluxe Edition DLC
– Europa Universalis IV – El Dorado

The Humble Paradox Interactive 2019 Bundle is Live  

Strategy nuts will know that every game on this list has the potential to offer tens, if not hundreds of hours of playtime, making this bundle a compelling purchase if you are searching for new strategy experiences to sink your teeth into. 

Those who are interested in the Humble Paradox Interactive Bundle can view it and purchase it from the Humble Store.

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