The Sniper Update, Day 2

The Sniper Update, Day 2pipeline
With the Sniper update almost upon us Valve has updated the TF2 Blog with a number of new details regarding the update. The most significant being the new game mode – Payload Race. As a different take on the previous payload game mode both teams will have a cart which they must push towards the enemy territory, but whilst doing so they must prevent the opposing team pushing their cart to the end of the track.
Two New Arena maps will be added. Sawmill as you can tell from its name takes place in a stormy mountain sawmill. The map is the first in TF2 to feature weather effects, in this instance pouring rain. The second map Nucleus is set on a diabolical doomsday device, featuring long sightlines and a bottomless radioactive pit underneath most of the game area.
Details on the remaining unlockables should arrive tomorrow along with whatever other treats Valve have planned for us lucky gamers. Discuss in our Forums.