This command allows Windows 10 and 11 to look and act like Windows 7 in three clicks

Give your modern PC a great-looking Windows 7 theme in three clicks

I don’t know about you, but I miss Windows 7. Yes, Windows 10 and 11 have their benefits, but a lot can be said for the elegance and simplicity of Microsoft’s older OS’.

In January, we looked at the Windows XP 2024 Edition concept, and wished that the OS revamp is real. Now, we have something better, a single command that can give newer OS’ the look and feel of Windows 7. Meet Revert8Plus v2, and interesting new Windows theming tool that gives us the forms of Windows 7 alongside the functions of newer OS’.

With Revert8Plus v2, users can transform Windows 8 (and newer) systems into what looks like a Windows 7 PC. The classic Aero Glass theme is present, as is a classic start menu and taskbar. Clock, volume, battery, network, eject and other icons have also been given classic Win7 styling. Windows Media Center, and classic pre-installed Windows 7 games have also been installed to complete the transition.

Version 1 of Revert8Plus released earlier this year, and it had issues. For starters, it needed Windows’ tamper protections to be disabled to run. Beyond that, there was no Uninstall option to return your PC to its standard Windows 8/10/11 look and feel. Version 2 of Revert8Plus addresses these issues, making the process reversable and safer for users. That said, we will advise our readers to be cautious when using any 3rd party scripts on their PCs, as it is not guaranteed to work as intended, and could (potentially) make your device unusable.

Below is a video tutorial on how to use Revert8Plus (from the creator), and how it impacts newer Windows PCs.

I love the idea of a modernised version of Windows 7

We already have game remasters and remakes; why don’t we have OS remasters? Honestly, I would love for Microsoft to give PC users a way to officially theme their PCs to look like older versions of Windows. Modern security, modern application support, and the look and feel of your preferred version of Windows is. I’m sure a lot of folks would pay for Windows 7/XP theme packs!

While I love the idea of Revert8Plus, I don’t think I will use it myself. I also recommend that potential users try it out on a virtual machine or a lesser used system before trying it on their main systems. Alternatively, there are companies like Stardock who have created third party applications like Start11 that work around many of the downsides of newer Windows OS’. Perhaps they are worth trying out instead of this Windows 7 theme?

You can join the discussion on Revert8Plus on the OC3D Forums.

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