Total War Warhammer 3’s Thrones of Decay DLC looks awesome

Creative Assembly showcases Total War Warhammer 3’s Thrones of Decay DLC

The Total War franchise has been in a strange place for quite some time. Total War Pharoah failed to impress when it launched last year, and Total War Warhammer III’s initial launch and DLC releases have been controversial (to say the least). Now, Creative Assembly are working hard to win back the favour of fans.

Today, Creative Assembly has taken another step onto what may be their road to redemption. First, they reworked their Shadow of Change DLC to add tonnes of new content. Now they have showcased their long-planned Thrones of Decay DLC, which will add new content for Dwarfs, the Empire, and Nurgle.

Unlike Shadows of Change, Thrones of Decay is available as a single DLC or as cheaper single faction packs. This means that players uninterested in specific factions don’t need to spend money on their DLC content. This will allow players to save money by only buying the content they want. That said, all three factions are getting worthwhile makeovers.

The trailer below for Total War Warhammer III: Thrones of Decay does a great job showcasing the DLC’s new additions. We have new units for all three factions, new Legendary Lords, new Legendary Heroes, and new magical spells to unleash upon the battlefield.

The Empire and Dwarfs will receive major upgrades to their arsenals with this DLC. With Imperial Land Ships and Dwarfen airships and more, longtime Total War players will have plenty of new ways to play the game.

All three factions included in this DLC will have an objective-based campaign in Total War Warhammer III’s Realm of Chaos map. They will also be playable in the game’s larger Immortal Empires map. Creative Assembly will also be releasing Free-LC for all Total War Warhammer III players. This will include a free Legendary Lord.

This DLC is Creative Assembly’s opportunity to prove themselves to long time Total War fans. Let’s hope it goes well.

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