Update 3 for Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora features FSR 3 improvements and lots of fixes

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora’s 3rd update delivers better FSR 3 upscaling on PC and console alongside a tonne of fixes

Weighing in at almost 10GB on PC, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora has received its 3rd major update. Alongside a tonne of minor bug fixes, Avatar now features better upscaling results on both PC and console thanks to an update to the game’s FSR 3 (FidelityFX Super Resolution 3) implementation. This update reduced FSR 3 upscaling artifacts on PC and consoles. Additionally, the PC version also features a fix for UI artifacts when FSR 3 Frame Generation is enabled.

Another notable change to Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora is a change to the game’s texture streaming, which is designed to reduce frame stuttering on PC. On all platforms, object streaming has also been improved to reduce noticeable pop-in.

Outside of technical changes, gameplay improvements have also been implemented in Avatar’s latest update. Direhorse riding speeds have been increased, aiming with bows has ben improved when mounted, and pouch capacity has been increased by 15 to make material gathering easier.

Sadly, Ubisoft has not updated Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora to feature DLSS Frame Generation. The game already supports Nvidia’s DLSS 2 Super Resolution technology, and it is a shame that the game does not support both AMD and Nvidia’s Frame Generation solutions.

Below we have included the full patch notes for Avatar’s 3rd update. This update includes a tonne of changes; too many to mention in this article. Above we have discussed our highlights.

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  • Added the option to enable Motion Aiming with the DualSense controller.
  • Added new motion blur settings to control the overall strength.
  • Added the ability to control camera motion blur separately from object motion blur.
  • Provided the option to hide gear level and mods.
  • Stashed items can now be accessed directly when using the Crafting Table, Cooking Station and Community Basket.
  • Made the combat challenge on Medium and Low difficulties more accessible.
  • Improved the usability and introduction of the SID tool.
  • Improved Na’vi Sense navigation to make it easier to spot characters and smaller objectives.
  • Improved the visibility of investigation clues when using Na’vi Senses to make it easier to find the clues belonging to an investigation.
  • Made tweaks to enemy reinforcement calling to make it easier to interrupt the RDA from pressing the alarm.
  • Made tweaks to stealth gameplay to make it easier to return to stealth when an enemy spots the player.


  • Improved the aim assist for the Assault Rifle and Shotgun at small targets.
  • Improved the visibility of the arrow VFX trail for the Heavy Bow at long distances.
  • It is now possible to harvest Arrow Stick Bushes and Dapophet Pods while riding.
  • Increased the maximum Direhorse Riding speed.
  • Direhorse Riding speed will now be affected by the ground type, granting a small speed boost or penalty.
  • Improvements to the Direhorse riding animation.
  • Improved aiming stability while mounted.
  • Improved mounted aiming with bows.
  • Added player flinch reactions while mounted on a Direhorse.
  • Improved stability when swapping weapons from Human to Na’vi while on the Ikran.
  • Improved looping weapon stow animation when throw grenade interrupts a quick grab, or harvest animation.
  • Stability improvements to Swimming, Harvesting, Climbing, Jumping, Traversal and Weapon/locomotion blending.
  • Improved local player foot alignment to uneven terrain.
  • Improved overall player co-op animation.
  • Pouch capacity for Gear & Weapon Materials and Cooking Ingredients increased by 15.
  • Stash capacity has been increased from 200 to 250.
  • Improved the reaction timing of multiple interactable objects.
  • Improved the visibility of overflow loot piles.
  • Overflow loot piles will no longer open automatically after interacting with containers when having full inventory.
  • Added additional Na’vi names for creatures and plants.
  • Several improvements to haptic effects throughout the game.
  • Improved the triggers and timings of dialogue scenes.
  • Polished the placement of various quest objective markers.
  • General login/out issues fixed in several quests.
  • General UI usability improvements as well as quality of life improvements related to sorting items, quest breadcrumbing and shortcut navigation.


  • [All Platforms] Added a new ‘Fog Blur’ graphic setting to enable/disable blur on volumetric fog.
  • [All Platforms] Fixed motion blur being inconsistent between resolutions.
  • [All Platforms] Fixed an issue that could cause severe graphical corruption in co-op when using Navi senses.
  • [All Platforms] Fixed an issue of the planet, Polyphemus, disappearing when changing FoV values.
  • [All Platforms] Improved the streaming of objects to reduce issues of them popping in-view.
  • [All Platforms] Improved AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 3 (FSR3) artefacts.
  • [All Platforms] Fixed an issue where some players were unable to connect to Online Services.
  • [All Platforms] General improvements and bug fixes to item baskets and containers.
  • [All Platforms] Improved NPC clipping and flickering issues.
  • [PC/PS5] Added the option to enable Motion Aiming with the DualSense controller.
  • [Xbox Series S/X] Improved FSR3 artefacts/flickers.
  • [Xbox Series S/X, PS5] Added a motion blur option for the ‘Performance’ graphics mode.
  • [PC] Fixed FSR3 artefacts on the UI when frame generation was enabled.
  • [PC] Improved texture streaming to reduce frame stuttering.
  • [PC] Benchmark: Fixed FPS tracking when using FSR3 frame generation.
  • [PC] Benchmark: Fixed CPU tracking reporting low CPU utilization on Windows 10.
  • [PC] Benchmark: Added additional information to the generated results file.
  • [PC] Benchmark: Added a new -benchmark_preset commandline option to allow the loading of custom graphics settings for benchmark runs. Preset files are loaded from the “Documents/My Games/AFOP” folder. A preset file can be created by copying & renaming the ‘graphic settings.cfg’ file.
  • [PC] Improved the quality of fallback haptics when playing the game with a DualSense controller connected via Bluetooth. Please note that the high-definition haptic experience is available on PC only when the DualSense controller is using the USB connection.
  • [Luna] Fixed an issue where challenges were not available in Ubisoft Connect.
  • [Luna/GeforceNow] Fixed an issue that caused the HDD-install warning to be shown on boot.


  • [English Only] Menu Narration updated to read out Quests, Tutorials and most HUD notifications.
  • Added the option to “Mark all as read” on the System menu and when hovering over specific menu tabs (Character, Quests, etc) to clear all existing “New” markers.
  • Added the possibility to pin missing crafting material types from the crafting assembly screen.
  • Added buffs and skills into account in the stat range display when inspecting plants or looking at the Hunter’s Guide entries.
  • Provided the option to hide gear levels and mods.
  • Simplified the vendor shop categories (“Head armor”, “Long Bow mods” etc. categories are now “Gear”, “Weapons”, “Materials” etc).
  • Gear and Gear Mods for Head, Arms and Legs can now be visually hidden via the Cosmetics menu.
  • Stashed items can now be accessed directly when using the Crafting Table, Cooking Station and Community Basket.
  • Weapons can now be equipped directly to the Weapon Wheel using a button prompt found in their respective weapon screen.
  • Added the names of ammunition when swapping ammo via the Weapon Wheel.
  • Added ammunition information to their respective weapon screen.
  • Added the time of day in the prompt text when interacting with the Fire Pit to pass time.


  • Adjusted several Apex Challenges to make Apex skills more easily accessible:
    • The Apex challenge for the Survivor tree now requires players to perform a clean kill only on a feral Viperwolf (previously required a clean kill on a Thanator as well).
    • The Apex challenge for the Rider tree now requires players to perform a Flying Takedown on a Scorpion (previously required a Flying Takedown on a Samson as well).
    • The Apex challenge for the Hunter tree now requires players to perform a clean kill on an Echo Stalker (previously required a clean kill on a Cloaked Panther as well).
  • Improved the pathing to the resistance HQ so it’s easier to find.
  • Improved Na’vi Senses making Quest Objectives and Clues easier to spot.
  • Made the building that contains the Medkit you need to find for Alma easier to locate by adding red blinking lights, removing some of the big trees and adding lights along the path to the building.
  • Added more Dapophets near the building that contains the med kit, so player can regain health after combat.
  • Added extra lighting to Alma and Teylan in the Resistance HQ so they are easier for the player to locate.
  • Improved combat in RDA Outposts and other combat encounters by adjusting the time it takes enemy units to alert other units of Na’vi presence:
    • Slowed down the time it takes for one enemy unit to alert the rest of the nearby units of the player’s presence.
    • Added more time before an enemy unit starts calling for reinforcements.
    • Increased the time it takes for an enemy unit to finish calling for reinforcements from 8 to 10 seconds.
    • Dealing damage to an enemy unit calling for reinforcements will now interrupt the call.
    • Only one enemy unit can call for reinforcements at any given time.
    • Units will wait for longer after an interrupted attempt to call reinforcements before starting a new one.
  • Increased the hitbox size of the AMP Suits’ vent weak spots so they’re easier to hit while remaining stealth.
  • Decreased the combat intensity against AMP Grenadier units:
    • Adjusted the maximum distance at which the AMP Grenadier could shoot at the player’s last known position.
    • Increased the time between volleys of grenades shot by the AMP Grenadier.
    • Decreased for how long the AMP Grenadier will continue to fire volleys of grenades at the player’s last known position after they have lost sight of them.
  • Changed the accuracy of enemy units when the player is moving fast, with much more noticeable impact on early game units for decreased difficulty.
  • Longer “safety belt” timer prevents the player from instantly dying when taking a large amount of damage from NPCs at roughly the same power level.


  • [Main Quest – Pandora] Added more arrow bushes by the Fueling Station.
  • [Main Quest – Welcome to the Resistance] Polished the timing of tutorial pop-ups.
  • [Main Quest – Welcome to the Resistance] Added more quest objective markers for the path to RHQ.
  • [Main Quest – Welcome to the Resistance] Fixed an issue with unexpected weather changes after a save/load.
  • [Main Quest – Welcome to the Resistance] Reduced the difficulty at Pneumatic Tower Echo.
  • [Main Quest – Becoming] Fixed an issue where the player would spawn at the wrong location after a save/load.
  • [Main Quest – Becoming] Fixed an issue where Alma and Hajir could be seen standing up after a save/load.
  • [Main Quest – Becoming] Fixed an issue where the quest would become visible too early.
  • [Main Quest – Eywa’s Blessing] Fixed an issue where the quest would not update if the player walked away while Nefika was talking to them.
  • [Main Quest – Eywa’s Blessing] Fixed an issue where Nefika could be seen teleporting to the crafting table.
  • [Main Quest – The Missing Hunter] Zomey’s scent trail is now that of an injured and not hostile animal.
  • [Main Quest – The Missing Hunter] Fixed issues with Zomey not despawning properly.
  • [Main Quest – The Eye of Eywa] Fixed a visual issue with Etuwa clipping through the player’s camera during a dialogue.
  • [Main Quest – Those Who Guide Us] Fixed an issue where the quest could not be progressed if a co-op player landed on Storytellers Stone.
  • [Main Quest – Pushing Back] Fixed an issue where quest did not complete, and no new objectives were shown if fast travelling away after the last cinematic.
  • [Main Quest – The Wandering Clan] Fixed an issue where it was possible to fast travel out of the Resistance HQ before the cutscene.
  • [Main Quest – The Lodge] Fixed an issue where the player could get locked out of the Hunting Lodge warehouse if fast travelling away after pulling the lever.
  • [Main Quest – The Lodge] Fixed weapon prop collision in the Hunting Lodge.
  • [Main Quest – The Weeping Gorge] Fixed an issue where a co-op player could be locked out of completing all memory paintings in their own game if they completed “The Weeping Gorge” in co-op and carried progress over.
  • [Main Quest – Shadows Of The Past] Fixed an issue where the call with Nor would start before leaving The Refuge.
  • [Main Quest – Shadows Of The Past] Fixed an issue where the player could be locked out of The Refuge if they finished “Shadows of the Past” in co-op.
  • [Main Quest – A New Plan] Fixed an issue with an incorrectly placed spawn point.
  • [Main Quest – A New Plan] Fixed a glitch with So’lek snapping into a different direction as he walks during this quest.
  • [Main Quest – Into The Fog] Polished transitions into cutscenes.
  • [Main Quest – A Distant Storm] Slightly reduced the difficulty at the “defend” part.
  • [Main Quest  – The Last Strike] Slightly reduced the difficulty on the “ambush” scene.
  • [Main Quest   The Last Strike] Decreased the radius of the explosions caused by the Mercer’s Guard AMP Unit’s grenades so they are easier to avoid.
  • [Side Quest – The Unsung Hunter] NPC investigation command added to “The Unsung Hunter” to fix NPC behavior.
  • [Side Quest – Clan Contributions] Fixed an issue where Kin would sometimes stand still when a “Zeswa Community” quest was active.
  • [Side Quest – Clan Contributions] Fixed an issue where the “Clan Contribution” quests that could be completed didn’t properly show up on the map.
  • [Side Quest – Lost And Found] Fixed an issue where the quest couldn’t be completed if the player died and retried.
  • [Ubisoft Connect Quest – Master Chef] Updated the challenge completion to 35 Specialty Dishes. This challenge can be completed with a new character, a new save or by existing characters having less than 35 Specialty Dishes.


  • Fixed the AMP Grenadier not playing any recoil animation when shooting their pistol.
  • Fixed the weapon of the Combat Exosuit not always being aligned with the bullet trace as it shoots at a target.
  • Fixed the ammo belt of the AMP Suit detaching from its body when deploying from the Wyvern flying unit.
  • Fixed a visual issue with patterns on superior and exquisite harvestables being dark, they are now bright and colorful.
  • Fixed several harvestables changed color when you grabbed them.
  • Fixed several harvestable so they consistently spawn according to the Hunter’s Guide information:
    • Rarer Rain Thistle can now be found at the very top of the Great Tusk.
    • Rarer Windbent Bark can now be found in all Purple Steppe biomes.
    • Rarer Sunset reed can now be found along the entire length of the Doula’s Stream.
    • Rarer Forest Hive can now be found in all caves throughout the Kinglor Forest.
    • Rarer Bruise Moss can now be found in all of the water in Dyer’s Bowl.
    • Fine Dawnsheen Tree can now be commonly found in the Boulderlands biome.
  • Fixed Combat Exosuit when it started strafing around the player and shooting, but would be unable to hit them if the player was standing still.
  • Fixed Enemy RDA units dialogue which was shouting “I’m taking fire!” when the player is not shooting at them.
  • Fixed in-game news not displaying under certain conditions in the menu.
  • General bug fixing including multiple LOD issues, floating assets, clipping issues, players falling underground or getting stuck.
  • Fixed the grenade from being accidentally thrown when the player is trying to craft arrows.
  • Fixed an issue where the player is unable to equip any weapons on the Direhorse after gathering sticks.
  • Fixed Ammo belt on AMP Suit units during Wyvern Deployment.
  • Fixed animation for AMP Suit Light firing to align with tracer effect.
  • Fixed floating/disconnected projectiles when swapping Short Bow ammo types while mounted.
  • Fixed weapon de-sync when stowing multiple times in quick succession while mounted.
  • Fixed weapon region-swapping while mounted.
  • Fixed Heavy Bow pose discrepancy when blending from charge to fully drawn while mounted.
  • Fixed Multitool front module rotation anomaly when transitioning to and from Hot/Cold signal gameplay.
  • Fixed the issue where a third person / co-op player can be seen holding the Short Bow incorrectly during a slide.
  • Fixed the pose discrepancy and sliding issues observed when equipping the Spear Thrower while crouched (co-op).
  • Fixed an issue where shooting arrows became unresponsive when the “Toggle to use fire” option is enabled and the player rapidly presses the shoot key.
  • Fixed an issue where pressing the SID key in combination with bringing up the weapon wheel would sometimes equip the multitool and immediately after, switch back to the previously equipped weapon.
  • Fixed several issues where the Samson aircraft was destroyed before NPC deployment was completed.
  • Fixed several issues where the Samson aircraft would intersect with props during deployment.
  • Fixed issues where players were blocked from progressing the quest if they fast-traveled away after a death.
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