Vista’s Pay As You Grow Plan

News Posted 05/03/07
Author: PV5150
Source: ComputerWorld

Vista logo

Windows users contemplating the cost of upgrading to Vista may need a fatter wallet than they thought. Besides shelling out for faster hardware, users should expect to pay for Vista upgrades for many of their favorite Windows software.

The areas of main concern for consumers and pro-sumers alike is expected to be security and multimedia software:

Rather than releasing free patches to update existing versions, leading vendors such as Adobe Systems Inc., Symantec Corp. and Intuit Inc. are choosing to add Vista compatibility only to new releases or still-in-development future products. Most of these new versions will add significant features along with Vista compatibility. And, vendors will argue, if Vista compatibility is a new feature, what’s unfair about packaging a new feature only in new versions of their software, rather than going back and patching aging versions nearing the end of their product life cycle?

Are Microsoft in their pursuit of an absolute Vista rollout, abandoning the older XP platform and the multitudes of loyal users who see no point in an upgrade?

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