Warhorse Studios reveals Kingdom Come: Deliverance – From the Ashes

Warhorse Studios reveals Kingdom Come: Deliverance - From the Ashes

Warhorse Studios reveals Kingdom Come: Deliverance – From the Ashes

Kingdom Come: Deliverance will be receiving its first piece of DLC in July, allowing gamers on Xbox One, PS4 and PC to rebuild the hamlet of Pribyslawitz as bailiff, adding a region building and management elements to the game alongside a large selection of new in-game activities. 

As a bailiff, players must manage labour, tackle disputes amongst your people and take advantage of your comfortable living arrangements and high ranking status.

Alongside this DLC reveal, Kingdom Come: Deliverance has also received patch 1.6, which adds a “Hardcore mode” to the title, which makes the game more difficult by removing fast travel, the in-game compass and quick saves from the game, alongside new debuffs that range from nightmares to claustrophobia and even tapeworms.

The game now includes a new Somnambulant “sleepwalking” perk, which makes it possible for players to wander to new locations while sleeping, which could result in players walking into secret areas or to unknown locations on the map.

Below is a brief description of Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s From the Ashes DLC. 

    The first DLC for Kingdom Come: Deliverance introduces an entirely new type of adventure! You have an opportunity to participate in building a new village from the ground up and experience first-hand what it was like to create a new settlement.

As a newly appointed bailiff, you must decide what buildings to erect and what people to bring in, and you must also settle disputes between the villagers. Each building is unique and comes with its own upgrades, material and labour requirements, so you will face some difficult decisions.

A bailiff’s lot is not an easy one, but he can still enjoy some fun after a hard day’s work. Get yourself one of the new horses available and take it for a ride, throw a few dice against seasoned players in your new local tavern, match your skills against variously skilled opponents in your combat arena or just rest at home in your own comfortably furnished house.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s From the Ashes DLC will release sometime in July on all platforms with an unknown price tag. 

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