Watch Bungie’s Destiny 2 gameplay reveal here

Watch Bungie's Destiny 2 gameplay reveal here

Watch Bungie’s Destiny 2 gameplay reveal here

Today is the day, Destiny 2’s gameplay reveal, where Bungie plans on showcasing the Xbox One, PS4 and PC versions of the game for the first time.   
This will be the first time where Destiny will be coming to PC, bringing the MMO-like looter shooter to an eager audience who will no doubt be excited to see how this new release performs on modern PC hardware.    

Activision has already promised “meaningful” and “bespoke” PC features for this title, with many hoping that these new features will be mentioned at today’s event. Today’s gameplay reveal will be showing a modern build of the game which should be representative of the final release, which is set to release on September 8th. 

The official stream is set to start at 6 pm in the UK, 7 PM in Europe, 10 am on the US west coast and 1 pm on the US east coast. We will replace this stream with a link to an archived version as soon as it is available. 


Destiny 2 is expected to have a much larger score and better graphical detail than the original, with Bungie dropping PS3 and Xbox 360 in order to better support modern hardware and prevent the game from being held back by legacy hardware. 


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