WhatsApp now has an unsend message feature

WhatsApp are rumoured to be creating a unsend feature to delete unread texts.

WhatsApp now has an unsend message feature

Throughout 2017 WhatsApp has been testing a new feature on their instant messaging platform, the ability to unsend messages, effectively deleting them before the recipient has the chance to see it. Those who receive messages which are later erased will get to see a “This message was deleted” message in the chat, which means that recipients will know that a message was sent. 

WhatsApp users will only be able to delete a message up to seven minutes after it was originally sent, after which messages cannot be deleted for everyone. 

This feature will be useful if you send a message to the wrong chat or accidentally send a message with an error in it, though sadly this feature may not work when messages are sent to older versions of WhatsApp. Then there is also the fact that users can read your messages before you unsend/delete them, which is something that cannot be avoided. 


WhatsApp now has an unsend message feature   

If you are using the most recent version of WhatsApp you will see two options when you ask to delete a message, giving the option to either delete it from your own device or delete it from everyone in the chat. 

The “Delete for Everyone” feature is also said to remove notifications from the notifications of other users, which will prevent even a preview of the deleted message from being read.  

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