Wii Launches Funky Accessories

News Posted 21/11/2006
Author: PV5150
Source: iTWire

Nintendo wants you to hold the motion sensing controller, lovingly dubbed the ‘Wii-mote’, in your hands to control your bat, racquet, club, steering wheel or more. But along with the launch of the Wii in the US has come a range of Wii-mote add-ons that are so cool and affordable, you’ll want them for the novelty value if nothing else.

There’s a Sports Pack, a Racing Wheel, a Controller Grip and Silicon covers for the Wii-mote to simulate real sports action, protect your Wii-mote and hold it more comfortably, all while retaining access to the rear trigger button.

The Sports Pack costs AUD $39.95 (probably under US $25), and comes with plastic holders to transform your Wii-mote into a tennis racquet, glof club and baseball bat. Obvious these devices are not to scale, but nevertheless enhance the feeling of actually playing the game.

The Racing Wheel is AUD $19.95 (probably around US $10) and offers a comfortable steering wheel plastic moulding that maintains the Wii’s motion sensing but lets you feel like you’re really hold a wheel with which to drive.

The Controller Grip at AUD $16.95 (less than US $10) gives you the ‘handles’ that your palms grip on when holding a standard Xbox 360, PS3 or Nintendo GameCube controller.

The Silicon Gloves are AUD $14.95 (way less than US $10) and are similar to the silicon skins available for iPods. These new items were on sale at the eGames Expo (Melbourne, Australia) last weekend, so one could assume that they are already selling or aren’t far away for our Northern hemisphere friends.

Wii sports pack

Wii steering wheel

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