Wiis Are For Kiddies According To Microsoft

News Posted 29/03/07
Author: PV5150
Source: DailyTech

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It appears that the Nintendo Wii is still raising the hackles of both Microsoft and Sony. Instead of Microsoft and Sony jabbing away at each other over their respective consoles, they have both now turned their attention towards the Wii.

When it comes to taking jabs at the console competition, Sony is usually in the spotlight. Shortly after the announcement of Microsoft’s new $479.99 USD Xbox 360 Elite, Sony responded by stating: “The PlayStation 3 is the only elite gaming system on the market. Microsoft is trying to catch up to us at this point.” Sony execs have also traded words with Nintendo over its hugely popular $249 Wii. The Wii has been burning up the North American sales charts outpacing both the Xbox 360 and the PS3. But back in early February, Sony’s Dave Karraker labeled the Wii an “impulse buy.”

Microsoft have now taken to putting the Wii fair and square into it’s firing line:

“We don’t feel like the Wii customer and the Xbox customer are the same thing,” said Rodman. “We think that as soon as the Wii customer turns 14 they want something else.” Microsoft still sticks by the notion that the Xbox 360 is for serious gamers and points to the fact that six out of ten Xbox 360 gamers are tapping into the Xbox Live online service.

Is this verbal attack on the Wii justified considering that it never really aspired to reach the level of the the other two consoles?

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