Windows 7 2018 Edition – The Remastered OS That Microsoft Will Never Make

Windows 7 2018 Edition - The Remastered OS that Microsoft will never release

Windows 7 2018 Edition – The Remastered OS That Microsoft Will Never Make

Love it or hate it, Windows 10 is here to stay, acting as Microsoft’s mainstream OS for the foreseeable future as iterative refinements gradually make it into the OS in semi-annual upgrade packages. 

Even now there is a significant number of PC users who still utilise Microsoft’s ageing Windows 7 OS, one of Microsoft’s most well-received operating systems in recent memory. Windows 7 was OS which users actively downgraded to after Microsoft’s Windows 8 missteps, acting as the world’s most used consumer OS until January of this year when Windows 10 finally snagged the top spot from Microsoft’s 2009 OS (link).     

A YouTube user called Avdan has created what he called Windows 7 – 2018 Edition, a conceptual OS Remaster that is advertised as a modernised Windows 7 with a clean, minimalistic UI with a modernised feature set and features like dynamic wallpapers. Avdan has also created similar concept OS videos like Windows XP – 2018 Edition, Windows 95 – 2018 Edition and a Windows 11 Concept. 

Sadly, this hypothetical OS remaster is not something that we see existing anytime in the future, given Microsoft’s commitment to Windows 10 support, though it does offer us an interesting thought experiment. Would you roll back to Windows 7 if it had a modernised UI and support for unique Windows 10 features like DirectX 12? I would personally like to be able to avoid some of Windows 10’s “features” like its constant need to ignore presets after updates and its frequent driver related issues after major updates.   


Even today some gamers refuse to move away from Windows 7, with Microsoft’s OS-exclusive DirectX 12 API offering little reason to upgrade from their almost decade-old operating system. Windows 7 is mirroring XP’s widespread success in this regard. 

Sadly, this Windows 7 Remaster is nothing more than a fantasy, neither coming as an OS skin for Windows 10 or as any form of real software. Even so, it is an interesting glimpse of what could have been had Microsoft took Windows 10’s development in a different direction. We have seen more than a few game remasters in recent year, but would you install a remastered version of Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system? 

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