Windows driver blocks software from changing your default web browser

Microsoft makes it harder to switch away from Edge with software

While Microsoft Edge is undoubtedly better than Internet Explorer, most PC enthusiasts still use it as their “browser to download over browsers” when loading up new PCs. Many PC users even use software and registry file edits to download their preferred browser and automatically change their default browser. Now Microsoft has made this process more difficult with a new Windows driver.

As detailed by Christoph Kolbicz, Microsoft has added a new driver to Windows 10 and Windows 11 that prevents users from changing their default browser using software tools and registry edits. Now, users need to do this manually. This is hugely annoying for anyone who manages a large number of systems, or simply wants to speed up their PC setup process.

This new driver also prevents users from using the same software processes from changing their PDF defaults. Currently, it is unknown why Microsoft has made this change to their latest OS’.

Thankfully, changing your default browser manually remains a simple task. All your need to do is enter your PC’s app menu and change your default app for HTTP and HTTPS. Even so, anyone who has written programs to do this automatically will no doubt be annoyed at Microsoft. This isn’t a change that feels necessary. After all, what does it achieve aside from annoy people who wrote software to do this?

You can join the discussion on Microsoft’s browser tactics on the OC3D Forums.

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