Windows 11 Will Make Webcams Mandatory

Windows 11 Will Make Webcams Mandatory

I’m Sorry, Dave. I Can’t Let You Do That

There is always a lot of discussion when a new version of Windows is released. Whether it’s the insanity of the tile system from Windows 8, or the move to a MacOS style central icon section for the forthcoming Windows 11.

Whilst many people are up in arms about the need for a TPM compatible processor which effectively eradicates anything older than about three years from running Windows 11, a quick delve into the required specifications will probably give you even more cause for alarm.

You can read more from this PDF on the Microsoft website (also available at the top of the page), but we’ll cover the primary points here.

Firstly, note that a camera is optional* but some form of network connection is not. Windows 10 users have delighted in pulling their LAN cable so they can have a user documents folder that is their name rather than their Microsoft Account email address and all the privacy problems that entails. From Windows 11 this idea of a local account you can then upgrade to a full one appears to be being removed, leaving you with the option of signing in to your MS account and having your documents under [email protected], or not getting past the setup screen. Eek.

Windows 11 Will Make Webcams Mandatory

*Optional in the same way breathing is.

Windows 11 Will Make Webcams Mandatory Yep, here is the big thing. Forward-facing HD, Auto Exposure (so you can’t hide in the darkness) webcam mandatory after 1/1/23. How kind of them to give us an optional rear facing one.

We here at OC3D are surprised that you’re not provided with a fingerprint reader and a non-optional Microsoft lodger, just to make sure they can absolutely track all of your everything at all times. Is anyone else as absolutely horrified about this development as we are? The only reason it can be needed is for facial recognition, which has been proven far too often to be spoofed by a photograph. Passwords are much more secure. With the added “must sign in to an MS account” thing they now have your account and a handy way to track your face all the time too.

Time to invest in electrical tape stock and await the inevitable workaround the internet hivemind will have within the first 24 hours.

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