Windows 7 Release Date Announced

Microsoft, it seems, are very keen to get Windows 7 out there.
So keen, that windows 7 has been given a release date.
The date they have set is 22nd October 2009.
Windows Vista didn’t take over XP’s throne as King of the OS and indeed most companies have chosen to ignore it altogether, with companies such as Dell being forced to offer it as an option after adopting Vista for all Windows installs.
This release is no doubt being pushed by the OEM and Microsoft partners who do not see Vista as the success Microsoft claimed it would be. Windows 7 is much more widely received as a step forward in operating system terms and Microsoft obviously wants to push things forward.
Announcing the release date, Bill Veghte, senior vice president for Windows said, “We feel confident that we will deliver Windows 7 with our partners on Oct 22.” The date gives a major advantage to Microsoft as the OS will hit retail right at the beginning of the holiday shopping season. This should generate good sales as people generally tend to get new systems around this period.
Win7 features:
– Windows XP mode – a virtual PC that can run older applications that might not run on Windows 7
– Remote Media Streaming – access your home digital media over the net
– Aero Peek – full screen previews of applications
– Windows Touch: Support for multi-touch devices
– Gadgets: Widgets now appear on the desktop and not in a sidebar
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