Windows Vista SP2 Now on MSDN, TechNet

Windows Vista SP2 Now on MSDN, TechNet
Microsoft recently released Service Pack 2 (SP2) for its Windows Vista operating system and has now made it available for download on MSDN and Microsoft TechNet. The OS maker hopes to boost sales and keep current Vista users happy until its Windows 7 hits the market.
Window 7 RC went into public download mode last week, but enthusiasts of the OS would be more interested in checking out the final Release-To-Manufacturing version. Vista SP2 is expected to fill the gap in the mean time. The service pack combines all Vista updates released since Service Pack 1 in addition to the same updates for Windows Server 2008. New users of Vista however, will not be able to install SP2 without first installing SP1.
In addition to the regular security updates, the SP2 also brings some new features to Vista. Most interesting is the new recording in Blu-ray format feature, which SP2 will make native to the OS. Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity, optimised Wi-Fi, and increased TCP connections are some other important updates included in the service pack.
The inclusion of Widows Connect Now in the SP2 should also simply Wi-Fi connection. Based on the Wi-Fi Protected Setup standard, Windows Connect Now connects to the Wi-Fi access point by sending network configuration settings. Power management policy has also been upgraded to make it 10% more efficient than before.
Currently only available to MSDN and TechNet subscribers, the RTM version of Vista Service Pack 2 is expected to become available to general public through the Microsoft website and Windows Update sometime in early June.
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