IBM Develops Fastest Optical Chipset

News Posted 28/03/07
Author: Matthew Fogg
Source: DigiTimes

IBM logo

According to our source, IBM has developed a prototype optical transceiver chipset capable of reaching speeds at least eight times faster than optical components available today.

The company said the breakthrough could transform how data is accessed, shared and used across the Web for corporate and consumer networks. The transceiver is fast enough to reduce the download time for a typical high definition feature-length film to a single second compared to 30 minutes or more. The ability to move information at speeds of 160 Gigabits, or 160 billion bits of information, in a single second, provides a glimpse of a new era of high-speed connectivity that will transform communications, computing and entertainment. Optical networking offers the potential to dramatically improve data transfer rates by speeding the flow of data using light pulses, instead of sending electrons over wires.

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