Intel releases high-end 1.5TB Optane 905P SSDs

Intel releases high-end 1.5TB Optane 905P SSDs

Intel releases high-end 1.5TB Optane 905P SSDs

Intel has started to expand their Optane SSD lineup with the addition of three new 905P models, delivering higher capacities than their existing counterparts.  

Now, Intel’s Optane 905P series SSDs can offer capacities of up to 1.5TB, an increase of over 50% over the company’s 960GB variants, providing increased storage space in both the 905P’s 2.5-inch/U.2 and PCIe form factors. 

Previously, Intel’s 905P series of SSDs was available exclusively in 480GB models in the 2.5-inch/U.2 form factor, while the PCIe variant only offered the series’ 960GB model. Now both versions offer capacities of up to 1.5TB, while the U.2 version now ships with up a 960GB option.

Right now, it looks like the 905P will continue to stay on the market concurrently with the Optane 900P, explaining why there are no equivalent capacity models for each SSD form factor. While the 905P offers a performance upgrade over the 900P, it does not act as a full-on replacement for the 900P, at least for now.

Performance-wise the 905P will offer increased sequential read/write performance over the 900P, with a 100MB/s boost in sequential read performance and a 200MB/s increase in sequential write performance, with the 905P also offering increased Random I/O performance. The most significant gains are seen in write performance in both cases, with the Optane 905P providing a 10% both in both Random write IOPS and sequential writes.

Intel’s 905P series of SSDs will ship with a five-year warranty with a guarantee of 10 drive writes per day, which is more than adequate for any consumer-grade SSD. 

Product 905P 900P
Capacities 1.5TB (PCIe Add-in-card)
960GB (PCIe Add-in-card)
1.5TB (“.5-inch U.2)
960GB (2.5-inch U.2)

480GB (2.5-inch U.2)
480GB (PCIe Add-in-card)
280GB (PCIe Add-in-card)
280GB (2.5-inch U.2)
Controller Intel Custom NVMe Intel Custom NVMe
Memory Type 3D XPoint (Optane) 3D XPoint (Optane)
Sequential Read 2,600MB/s 2,500MB/s
Sequential Write 2,200MB/s 2,000MB/s
Random Read 575,000 IOPS 550,000 IOPS
Random Write 550,000 IOPS 500,000 IOPS
Endurance 10 DWPD 10 DWPD
Warranty 5-year 5-year

Intel releases high-end 1.5TB Optane 905P SSDs  

At this time, Intel’s 1.5TB Optane 905P SSDs have not been spotted at retailers, though they are expected to achieve new pricing heights for consumer-oriented SSDs, with the 960GB 905P (PCIe AIC) costing around £1200 in the UK.  

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