Twitch will soon have its own gaming storefront

Twitch will soon have its own gaming storefront

Twitch will soon have its own gaming storefront


Twitch will soon have its own gaming storefront, with plans to offer money to streamers as part of their affiliate program with partnered streamers. 

This new Twitch gaming storefront will launch in Spring 2017, with plans to offer games that can use either the Twitch game launcher or existing gaming services like Uplay. 

Partnered Streamers will be able to gain 5% of the revenue from items that are purchased on the Streamer’s channel page, with all purchases coming in US Dollars (USD) at launch. 



This new store will help diversify Twitch’s revenue stream, allowing them to not only make money from the streaming of games but also from the sale of video games. This will make twitch a one-stop-shop for both live gameplay/demos and game purchases, which places them in s great position to increase their revenue moving forward.

Right now Twitch has a large number of sales partners, including large publishers like Ubisoft and Telltale games. Below is a list of all of Twitch’s launch sales partners.


We’ll be talking more about the games in the next few weeks. We can say we’re proud to have the following game creators as launch partners: Ubisoft, Telltale Games, Digital Extremes, Hi Rez Studios, Double Fine Games, Fred Wood, 11Bit, Jackbox Games, tinyBuild, Raw Fury, Devolver Digital, Gambitious, Trion Worlds, Blue Mammoth Games, iNK Stories, Versus Evil, Proletariat, Paradox Interactive, Vlambeer and Campo Santo


All purchases of over $4.99 on their store will also reward users with a Twitch Crate, which will give players specific in-game items and emoticons/badges for Twitch chat. 


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