Apple Back with its Back to School Program

Apple Back with its Back to School Program
Buy any Mac to get an iPod free!Apple’s annual buy-a-Mac, get-an-iPod Back to School Program is back! College students and faculty and staff members across the US can now get their hands on two cool gadgets by paying the price of just one. The UK launch of the program is scheduled for today.
All guys and gals who qualify need to do a simple thing; grab their money and buy an iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or Mac Pro. They should also pick up an iPod with their favourite Mac. Once they have the gadgets in hand, they should get in touch with Apple for a refund of the money they paid for the iPod.
Simple isn’t it? But do check out the full terms and conditions on Apple’s website here.
The buy-a-Mac, get-an-iPod Back to School Program is an annual event by Apple which has had good response from colleges, with many students and their teachers using it as an opportunity to buy the iconic gadgets.
Last year, Apple promoted its iPod nano during the program; this year, it is the iPod touch. While other iPod variants are covered, you might not get full reimbursement for them. Apple’s website lists the reimbursements as below:
  • iPod touch: $229
  • iPod classic 120GB: $229
  • iPod nano 16GB: $199
  • iPod nano 8GB: $149
  • iPod shuffle 4GB: $79 
Looking at the list, the best buy turns out to be the iPod touch 8GB, for which Apple is reimbursing the full retail price of $229. All the other models fall short by $20-$40.
So all you Mac fans out there; make your choice and make it before 8 September and you will walk away with that free iPod in your pocket. Oh! And make sure you are from a college.
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