MSI reveals the pricing of their Intel-powered Claw gaming handheld

Here’s how much MSI’s new Claw Gaming Handheld will cost

Back at CES 2024, MSI revealed their Intel-powered Claw gaming handheld. This portable PC gaming device features Intel’s latest Ultra series processors and Intel ARC graphics, promising users strong gaming performance on the go. Now, MSI has revealed the pricing and specifications of their new device on their website, revealing three Claw models. These models will cost $799.99, $749.99, and $699.99.

Two of MSI’s Claw models will be powered by Intel’s Ultra 7 155H processor. This processor features six CPU Performance cores, eight Efficient cores and two Low Power Efficient cores and Intel Arc graphics with eight Xe cores. The only difference between the top two models is that the $799.99 model will feature a 1TB SSD, and the $749.99 model will feature a 512GB SSD. The cheaper $699.99 Claw model will feature Intel’s Ultra 5 135H processor, which features four CPU Performance cores, eight Efficient cores and two Low Power Efficient cores and Intel Arc graphics with eight Xe cores. Yes, both processors feature virtually identical integrated GPUs.

Aside from CPU core counts, the lower-end Intel Ultra 5 135H features lower CPU and GPU clock speeds than its Ultra 7 counterpart. That said, on the GPU side the clock speed difference is tiny. The Ultra 7 model can have its GPU clock up to 2.25 GHz. The Ultra 5 model can clock up to 2.20 GHz.

Is the MSI Claw Ultra 5 135H model a major downgrade?

Most PC gaming handhelds are limited by their GPU performance, not their CPU performance. With this in mind we see the MSI Claw Ultra 5 135U model as a solid option for value-oriented gamers. With only a 50 MHz clock speed reduction, both the Ultra 5/7 models should deliver similar levels of gaming performance. Well, at least in GPU-limited workloads.

While the Ultra 7 model has two additional CPU Performance Cores, it remains to be seen if these cores will greatly benefit gamers in a handheld device like the Claw.

With their Claw gaming handheld, MSI are promising gamers a longer battery life than competing devices and performance leadership. With Intel’s Ultra processors, MSI’s handheld also boasts more CPU cores, and and NPU (Neural Processing Unit) AI accelerator.

MSI’s handheld also features Thunderbolt 4 support, hall effect joy sticks, and a strong “Cooler Boost Hyperflow” cooling solution. MSI has also confirmed that the handheld supports PCIe 4.0 M.2 2230 SSDs. Screen-wide, the device features a 1080p 120Hz LCD screen with variable refresh rate support.

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