Next-Gen Xbox “Project Scarlett” to release in 2020

Microsoft are working on the next Xbox Console

Next-Gen Xbox “Project Scarlett” to release in 2020

During their E3 2018 press conference, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer announced that Xbox is “deep into architecting” their next Xbox console, confirming that next-generation hardware is coming.  

Rumour has it that Microsoft’s next Xbox is codenamed “Project Scarlett”, with a report from Thurrott stating that Microsoft intends to release the device in 2020 and has described “Scarlett” as a family of devices. 

This information backs up Phil Spencer’s statement at E3 which indicated that they were working on Xbox “Consoles”, suggesting that Microsoft plans to release multiple devices. It is possible that Microsoft plans to release an Xbox streaming box for their planned “Xbox game streaming service” or release their Next Xbox with a standard and a high-performance X-series variant out of the gate, delivering customers both affordable and high-end options. 

Given Microsoft’s love for backwards compatibility, Microsoft’s next Xbox will almost certainly use an AMD-powered APU with Ryzen and Radeon hardware. This change should deliver a significant boost in CPU performance over both the Xbox One and Xbox One X. Backwards compatibility would be a lot more difficult if Microsoft decided to move to Nvidia graphics or another processor manufacturer, ignoring the increased cost and complexity of using individual CPUs and GPUs. 

Next-Gen Xbox

2020 seems like a realistic time to expect Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox, as by this time GDDR6 DRAM will be readily available and affordable, TSMC’s 7nm (or perhaps 7nm) process node will have been high yields and the Xbox One X will have been available for around three full years, assuming that Microsoft is targeting a “Holiday” release. 

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