This NES can run Crysis – The NES Sleeper PC

This NES can run Crysis - The NES Sleeper PC

This NES can run Crysis – The NES Sleeper PC

What would you do if you found an NES on the street? Someone had thrown out a classic console to rot. You’d take it home, right? Perhaps you will find a use of the iconic 80s gaming system, or set it on a shelf to admire the system behind Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and more.  

This is what happened to the YouTuber Equalo, who found an old NES and decided to put the system to good use. With this system being over 30 years old, Equalo thought that a hardware upgrade was in order, pushing inside the system modern PC hardware, including a dedicated graphics card. 

With a MITX motherboard, an AMD Ryzen 5 2600, an HDPLEX 400W DX-ATX power converter and a GTX 1660 Super, Equalo created a powerful gaming PC, making Crysis playable on a NES. If we’re lucky, Crysis Remastered will be able to run well on this reforged NES. Not bad for such a compact form factor. 

At this time, we do not know how well this system copes with sustained workloads, as this NES does not offer much in the way of ventilation. Sadly, the inclusion of a dedicated graphics card also poses issues with such a compact enclosure, as the case required a few extra millimetres of space to fit correctly. This extra space was achieved using motherboard standoffs as spacers, and some frosted plastic. With the addition of RGB lighting, this could be the first RGB NES PC. 


Equalo’s NES PC project was documented over two YouTube videos, which showcase the planning and construction of his NES gaming PC. A lot of detail was added which gave good reasoning for Equalo’s hardware selection, which is something which will be useful for anyone else who’s planning a PC-in-a-console project.

Below is what Equallo had to say about his creation on YouTube.

   I managed to turn the Classic NES console into a high performance gaming PC. It was quite difficult, but I managed to make everything fit. Modern PC gaming on a retro Nintendo console from the 80s has been a trip. I almost gave up multiple times, but I’m glad I stuck with it to the end!


CPU: AMD Ryzen 2600
GPU: Gigabyte Nvidia GTX 1660 Super
Motherboard: MSI B450i AC Gaming Plus AC ITX
RAM: T-Force Vulcan Z DDR4 16GB 3000MHz
Storage: Western Digital 500GB M.2 NVME SSD

This PC build should be able to run all AAA titles at 1080p and play a decent number of them at 1440p. I can also pull off some 4k gaming with indie games.

Crysis Remastered may be coming to Nintendo’s Switch, but Equallo’s brought his NES to Crysis Remastered. 

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