Xbox Series Refresh details confirmed through Microsoft court documents

Xbox Sebile Controller

Xbox plans to launch two new Xbox Series consoles in 2024 and a new Xbox gamepad

Microsoft has big plans for 2024, and those plans include the launch of two Xbox Series Refresh consoles. These details have leaked thanks to the release of unredacted US court documents from Microsoft, which detail these new consoles and Microsoft’s planned “next-gen” Xbox.

With their refreshed Xbox Series consoles, Microsoft plans to offer users more storage, an improved Xbox gamepad, faster Xbox controller charging, and faster WIFI connectivity. All of these add-ons will arrive without an increase in Xbox console pricing, giving gamers more value from their new console purchases.

Microsoft are calling these new systems their “mid-gen” refresh. With their new “Brooklin” and “Ellewood” systems, Microsoft will be refreshing their Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles, doubling the size of the internal storage of both systems in the process.

Xbox Series Refresh goals

New controllers for Microsoft’s Refreshed Xbox Series

Microsoft’s leaked court documents have revealed the company’s planned “Sebile” controller, which is designed to be used with PCs, Xbox consoles, and as a direct-to-cloud gamepad. This gamepad is for all Xbox users, and unlike older Xbox controllers, Sebile features a rechargable/swappable battery, and had modular thumb sticks.

If Sebile features truly modular thumb sticks, Microsoft will be the first console manufacturer to truly solve the “stick drift” problem. If these sticks are replaceable, gamers can simply replace their faulty sticks with new ones. This is a much better option than replacing their entire gamepad.

With Sebile, Microsoft is taking notes from Sony with the addition of “precision haptic feedback” and an “Accelerometer”. In effect, this gamepad has pretty much the same feature set as Sony’s DualSense controller. Quieter buttons should help gamers focus more on game audio, thanks to a less distracting gamepad.

Xbox Series Refresh - Xbox Sebile controller

Brooklin, the new Xbox Series X

Microsoft’s refreshed Xbox Series X console is “Brooklin”. The system ditches Microsoft’s rectangular design with a new tubular design and abandons the original series X’s disk drive. The system new features a front facing USB Type-C connector that can deliver more power to connected devices. Brooklin also features 2TB of internal storage, which is double that of an original Xbox Series X system.

With this new console upgrade, Xbox promises faster network connectivity with WIFI 6E support. Additionally, the console features a new southbridge with a faster I/O. The system uses new 6nm silicon, which should increase the console’s power efficiency.

Microsoft has managed reduce Xbox Series X PSU power by 15% with Brooklin. A new standby mode is also said to reduce power draw to 20% less than an original Xbox Series S. The system is also said to launch with 100% recyclable packaging.

Xbox Series Refresh - New Series X Brooklin console

Microsoft’s new Xbox Series S

Microsoft’s refreshed Xbox Series S is Ellewood. The system, like its Series X counterpart, features faster WIFI, and more internal storage. The system also features a new southbridge and a new lower power standby mode. Pricing will be the same as a normal Xbox Series S at $299. Externally, the system looks almost identical to the original, aside from the console’s new front mounted USB Type-C port.

Xbox Series Refresh - New Series S Ellewood console

Microsoft appears to have a solid lineup prepared for their Xbox Series console lineup. That said, the removal of disk support from Xbox Series X will no doubt annoy many long-time Xbox fans. Microsoft better have a USB disk drive planned for their new Xbox Series systems. If not, we can expect a lot of complaints from Xbox fans, especially those who enjoy the console’s backwards compatibility.

Alongside these Xbox hardware leaks, a full Bethesda gaming roadmap has leaked though these court documents. The Bethesda leak reveals several unannounced games, including an Oblivion remaster.

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