Pushing past 6 GHz! An alleged Intel i9 14900KS CPU has been pictured

Is Intel planning to reveal their i9 14900KS at CES?

An alleged image of a new Special Edition Intel processor has been posted online. Meet the i9 14900KS, the CPU that Intel will use to push past the 6GHz barrier. This CPU image was first spotted by HXL on Twitter/X, who found the image on the Chinese QQ chat platform.

Intel’s existing i9-14900K (review here) can reach clock speeds of up to 6 GHz. Rumour has it that Intel’s new KS model will reach 6.2 GHz. While this does not sound like a huge upgrade, this clock speed boost does make the i9 14900KS Intel’s fastest mainstream desktop processor.

The 14900KS is a highly binned version of Intel’s i9-14900K processor. This CPU could feature a higher TDP to maintain its higher core clock speeds, and may feature higher levels of overclocking potential than standard i9 processors. Intel may announce this new processor at CES 2024 next week.

At this time the full specifications of this new Intel processor are unknown. Will this new KS series processor also feature faster E-cores? How much faster will this CPU’s all-P-core boost clocks be? How much will this new CPU cost? There are a lot of unknowns surrounding this processor. That said, CES is only one week away, and that means that we can learn more about Intel’s 14th Generation KS CPU soon.

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