CableMod WideBeam LED Strips Review

CableMod WideBeam LED Strips Review

CableMod WideBeam LED Strips Review


There are a few manufacturers that we at OC3D have a very close relationship, where we provide advice them with our knowledge and consumer insight and they in turn fix some of the issues we find on upcoming products and overall provide you the consumer with a much better user experience.  

PC LED kits are not something new, but they are something that can be improved a great deal, offering better mounting options than the thin and weak adhesives that we are used too and providing comparability with the latest and greatest products from other manufacturers like ASUS’ new RGB Maximus VIII Formula motherboard. 

CableMod’s new WideBeam series of LED strips are designed from the ground up to fix many of the issues that we have found with the LED kits of old, providing a wider spread for it’s LED illumination with it’s WideBeam LEDs and mounting easily using either Magnets built into the LED strip or with some foam adhesive strips, which provide a bond 2x stronger than traditional LED strips.  

 CableMod WideBeam LED Strips Review

  CableMod WideBeam LED Strips Review  CableMod WideBeam LED Strips Review


These strips will be available in two versions depending on what kind of case you use, with WideBeam Magnetic Series for those with Steel cases or WideBeam Foam Series Strips which are made of non-magnetic cases. 


Designed for cases made out of steel, the WideBeam Magnetic Series have several rare earth magnets underneath the waterproof resin. These magnets are super strong, but being magnetic, repositioning these strips inside your case or to another system is easily accomplished. Featuring six large magnets in a single 30cm strip, you can be sure of a secure fit.

For users with non-magnetic cases like aluminum, or for those who prefer more permanent adhesion, there’s the WideBeam Foam Series. This series of LED strips feature a specially formulated foam adhesive that is over 200% stronger than the adhesive found on traditional LED strips. Gone are the days were your LED strips start drooping inside your case once the action heats up – WideBeam Foam Series is designed to stay right where you put them.


All of CableMod’s LED kits will be fully chainable and can be powered by a single SATA cable, a much easier cable to use than older 4-pin molex connectors. 

These LED kits will be available in red, green, blue and white versions, but also come in UV and RGB variants, giving you a great deal of colour options. One key change that we have managed to get CableMod to implement is support for ASUS’ new RGB headers through the use of an RGB adapter, allowing CableMods new RGB kits to be easily controlled by ASUS’ motherboards with RGB headers. 

  CableMod WideBeam LED Strips Review  CableMod WideBeam LED Strips Review


The RGB kits will come with an IR receiver and controller, allowing you to control your case lighting with the push of a button, though with the use of the ASUS Comparability adapter you can use ASUS’ Aura software to control the RGB LEDs at the same time as your other ASUS components. 


 CableMod WideBeam LED Strips Review




We are some of the lucky few in the industry who have been able to have a direct input in the development of a product, giving our expert advice and system building experience in order to help push an upcoming product in the right direction. 

CableMod have to be applauded for taking our advice to heart, working to improve their products rather than getting annoyed at our niggles with their prototype units over the past few months. One of the latest additions to the final release version of this product has been the ASUS RGB compatibility adapter, which was made in direct response to to our testing with with Maximus VIII Formula and Hero Alpha, giving this product an extra key feature and allows us to directly control them from our PCs using ASUS’ Aura software. 

Offering both Magnetic and Adhesive based versions is a masterstroke from CableMod, allowing those with Steel cases to mount with ease while not leaving the users of Plastic or Aluminium cases, allowing them to be used with InWin, Lian Li and Parvum cases, which is something that can be easily ignored if you are rushing a new product out. 

What CableMod have created here is the perfect LED kit, offering a variety of colour options and a great deal of comparability with both a wide range of cases and even other RGB solutions like ASUS Aura.

Seeing these LED improve so much from their early prototypes has been a great experience, one that has no doubt resulted in the release of superior product and something that we have no problem in recommending to consumers.  This product simply cannot win anything other than the OC3D Gold award, it ticks all the boxes that an LED kit should and gives us literally nothing to complain about, which is always a great thing to see. 


Best In Class







Cablemod’s LED kits can be purchased now from the CableMod Store 


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